2018 Summer Show

Where: The Jewish Community Association
Show Dates: June 28-August 1, 2018


1st Place: Raquel Tripp, Joy
2nd Place: Marlene Scheer, Moon Under Water
3rd Place: Pablo F. Rivera, Jar of Errors

Honorable Mentions
T. C. Dixon, Pseudo Triptych of Job
Helen Ashmead, Sky Dog
Eve Albrecht, Lake Maria Sancheze 

Fall-Winter Show Winners

Where: Reddi Arts
Show Dates: November 8th - December 30th, 2015
Judge: Lynn Lewis, Gallery Coordinator, Florida State College at Jacksonville


1st Prize: Arlene Tabor, "Great Expectations"
2nd Prize: Raquel Tripp, "My Father"
3rd Prize: Patrick Mahoney, "Backyard Geraniums"

Honorable Mention: Pablo Rivera, "Fork and Spoon"